Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Please Kern!

I stumbled upon this sad mistake during a little break from my internship. You would think that if you were designing a logo and advertising for a company named kern, you would take the time to make sure that all type treatments were in tip top shape...or not!

The internship has picked up a little since the last post. I've been doing comps for yet another annual report cover. We go to review them in a short bit, and I've got my fingers crossed. I followed in their footsteps by making a few comps that looks strikingly similar to the majority of their previous work, but I did throw in a few curve balls to spice it up a bit. If I am lucky, they will see what I have to offer and my dedication, and I may just get a few more projects to work on! A little side not, my co=workers have really started opening up to me, and I finally feel accepted and a part of the team.

Friday, October 17, 2008

memories, rants and a cat called snook

waking up this morning and driving through town towards my internship made me realize how much i am going to miss all of this a year from now. my friends and professors are amazing, and i don't know what i am going to do when i wake up one day and discover their absence. i'll visit, they'll visit, but it won't be the same family that i've surrounded myself in the last few years...talk about a bummer.

my internship has started, and i've taken some of my first steps into the design world. its corporate, clean and your typical run of the mill design, much like the jobs i worked this summer. i was forewarned by a professor as to not let this job burn ideals about what the world of design is...all firms will be different and i should take what i can from each.  i'm rather fortunate to be working with some great characters, they are full of inspiration and knowledge that they are willing to share without hesitation. one thing does scare me about these guys, design seems to just a job to them and not a passion...god i hope that never happens to me. i want to constantly push my creativity and not get stuck in a whole where clients expect everything to look like the last thing i made for them. being consistent is key, but it should not be a template for future design. i haven't gotten to do much yet, thumbnails and stock photo hunting for an annual report that will begin next week. this will be my third ar, and i have a feeling that it will be the best. there is more of a budget on this guy, and i seem to have a bit more creative freedom with this compared to the ones i completed for the university.

i have recently stumbled across a designers blog worth checking out. aaron draplin is an amazing guy, a role model if you will. hes got a great style and is one hell of a character. there is a great little video he's working on entitled "why america is fucked" and its absolutely true. the way i see it is, you wouldn't have someone build your house who wasn't confident and passionate about it, so why have someone design for you who lacks the same? seriously, and this applies to a lot of students, if you could care less about your design, do something else and stop polluting walls and magazines with your crap. try harder, try something new and just enjoy what you're doing. anyway, back to aaron, he's traveling across the states right now in his rig, just living life. he's keeping up on his design while doing so, but  man that's beautiful. if things work out with alice's, a certain andy states and myself will be doing the same, designing out of the back of a van while playing shows every night. that's the life man; living on the road, growing beards, playing music and drawing inspiration for design from the ever changing scenery. here's to you aaron, you are one good dude...happy birthday too!

today may end up being one sad day in the story of my life. my four legged friend, snook, may be put down later this evening. she suffered from a blood clot a week ago and has lost movement of her backside. in my book she has gotten much better, but the vets may say different. the thing is, she's huge, easily larger than your average daschund and she hardly moves as is, so i don't see why she cant live happily laying there. she isn't in pain and purrs louder than ever, the least we can do is get one of those wheeled carts so she can traffic around my parents pad. on the bright side, pappi is doing well, killing squirrels like its her job and running to me every time i come home. when i get out and move to the city, i think im going to bring her with me...she can at least keep the pigeons in check. 

that's it for today. it's fall, everything is orange and beautiful. go outside, drink some cider and be merry.