Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Please Kern!

I stumbled upon this sad mistake during a little break from my internship. You would think that if you were designing a logo and advertising for a company named kern, you would take the time to make sure that all type treatments were in tip top shape...or not!

The internship has picked up a little since the last post. I've been doing comps for yet another annual report cover. We go to review them in a short bit, and I've got my fingers crossed. I followed in their footsteps by making a few comps that looks strikingly similar to the majority of their previous work, but I did throw in a few curve balls to spice it up a bit. If I am lucky, they will see what I have to offer and my dedication, and I may just get a few more projects to work on! A little side not, my co=workers have really started opening up to me, and I finally feel accepted and a part of the team.

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dzineprof said...

Yikes! That is a terrible example of kern. Shame on them for allowing that out the door.